Flood Zones

Flood Zones

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Flood Zones

Flood maps are changing and the first step in flood protection is knowing your flood risk. Flood risks vary from property to property, even in the same neighborhood. And, risks can change over time due to erosion, land use and other factors.

Our county has embarked on a major effort to develop detailed, digital flood hazard maps that reflect current flood risks and areas of recent growth. The new maps replace maps that are more than 20 years old.

Planners, local officials, engineers and builders can use the maps to make important decisions about where and how to build new structures and developments.

Residents and businesses will be able to use the maps to learn their risk, and to decide the financial steps they need to take to protect against damage and loss.

Flood Maps & Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a federally-mandated program that can help you repair or replace your structure and belongings after a flood. The federal government requires mortgage holders in high-risk areas (known as Special Flood Hazard Areas) to carry flood insurance. When the new maps are issued, some Nassau County property owners will learn that their flood risk designation has changed. This may affect what property owners pay for flood insurance. However, if the new maps indicate you are in a high-risk area, and already carry flood insurance, your premium will stay at the current lower risk level when your policy renews.

For information and help determining your Flood Zone, please contact the Nassau County Building Dept.

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