HBB 909 Tax Summary

HBB 909 Tax Summary

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HBB 909 Tax Summary


TO: All Property Appraisers and Interested Parties          

FROM: James McAdams, Director Property Tax Oversight

SUBJECT: County and Municipal Property Tax Data Pursuant to Section 195.052, F.S.

As requested by s.195.052, F.S., the Department of Revenue has posted information on its website regarding local government property tax levies.  Data is available for all non-voted property tax levies of city and county governments in the state.  The data includes the previous and current years’ millage rates, the current year’s percentage increase in taxes levied above the “no budget increase” (rolled-back) rate, and the annual percentage change in total non-voted property taxes levied.  In a second table, information on the distribution of property taxes levied among the various classifications of property is included.

This information is available at: http://dor.myflorida.com/dor/property/taxpayers/cmdata/

A technical explanation of the methodology and sources used in the development of these tables is also available at the website.

Section 195.052, F.S., also requires property appraisers to have similar information available on their website for their respective county.  In the past, some property appraisers have complied with this requirement by providing a link on their website to the Department’s site.

If you have any questions or suggestions about these data publishing requirements, please email us at DORPTO@dor.state.fl.us